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Installation Work

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The Block is Hot
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Five 6-foot-tall Asphalt columns echoing 3yrs of collected sounds of nature and city scape sounds. Rain, lawn mower, my dad telling a joke, sirens, beauty shop chatter and more. Being face to face with the memory of the street.

Back Home and Across tha River


    Back Home and Across tha River is an imagined site based on my lived experience in East St. Louis. Here, I am honoring a place, people, and play. 
   This new site is a hopeful ritual navigating play, safety, and togetherness. As a part of my childhood memories, choosing basketball as a symbol of home was intuitive. While also countering and intersecting into the discourse of how basketball is perceived and understood in urban and black spaces, I am celebrating the game of choice and chances in my piece.
   In all, this is a self, family, and geographical portrait--
Grounded and stern in its existence and possibilities.   

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