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Booklet Created by Allena Brazier

Event Coordinator/Logo Design Allena Brazier

Logo Design- Allena Brazier

Flyer- Sam Pounders

     Freedom Village Gathering was an insightful conversation with Faye Dant, Roberta Rogers, and Gwen Moore on black place-making in our communities along the Mississippi River, including Mill Creek Valley, Missouri, Hannibal, Missouri, and Brooklyn, Illinois. Speakers crossed land and generations, sharing their valued lived experiences, historical references, and future visions. Connesctor of people and nature, Saundi blessed the Performance Artist Basmin  held space for Honoring the Water. Afterwards, a Sunday Meal was shared. 

Faye Dant-Jim's Journey: Huck Finn Freedom Center Hannibal, MO

Roberta Rogers-Historical Society of Brooklyn, IL

Gwen Moore-Missouri History Museum 

Basmin- Performance Artist


Des Lee Gallery Installation

Fabric Stories is a community art project developed by Allena Marie Brazier.

Participants created their Fabric Story using various fabric colors as an art form to express their emotion about a personal story or event they wanted to tell. 

During this process, some students also verbally told their stories. Some personalized their Fabric Story by attaching a small card to their story with a special message, their name, a loved one’s name, or important date. This installation includes the Fabric Stories of approximately 60 students from Lizzy’s Kids, Bryan Hill Elementary School, and college students from the Community Art Engagement class at Washington University. 

Fabric Stories at Des Lee Gallery .jpg

Alton, IL. 

Fabric Stories for Untold Black Stories Event-specific to the underrepresented African descent community in Alton, IL. 

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